High Performance Aerosols

Maintenance aerosols make lubricating, cleaning, corrosion protection and more, easy and saves lot of time and money.

Specialty Greases

TriboCor offers wide range of specialty greases for all bearings & gears. These greases are formulated for specific applications & long term lubrication for high speed applications, extreme pressure and high temperature.

Anti Seize & Assembly Pastes

TriboCor offers metal & metal free pastes which are designed for applications which involve extreme conditions.

Lubricant, Cleaner & Corrosion Protection Fluids

The products cover lubricants, cleaners & corrosion protection fluids. Lubricants provide optimum lubrication, reduce friction & wear, under hostile conditions. Cleaner products offer excellent cleaning applications. Dry and wet coatings are available for long term corrosion protection.