Anti Seize & Assembly Pastes

Product Name Product Description
Anti Seize Paste TC 11 Protection and lubrication of threaded connections exposed to high temperature and corrosive atmosphere.
White Assembly Paste TC 12 Non staining lubricant used in food, plastic, printing and textile industries where dark coloured lubricants cannot be used.
Chuck Jaw Paste TC 13 Assembly lubricant for friction and sliding surfaces under heavy and vibrating stress, particularly suitable for lubrication of chuck jaws of machine tools.
Moly Assembly Paste TC 15 An universal assembly paste to reduce friction and wear. Has high pressure and high load bearing capacity.
Anti Seize Thread Compound TC 98 Protection and lubrication of threaded connections exposed up to 600°C.
Lubricating & Assembly Paste TC 99 Metal free paste for assembly purposes & for sliding movements under high load.
Metal Free Anti Seize Paste TC 100 High load bearing capacity. Prevents metal to metal contact. Protects surfaces from wear & friction and provides good corrosion protection.