Lubricant, Cleaner & Corrosion Protection Fluids

Product Name Product Description
Knitting Oil TC 30 Lubricant for high speed needles of circular knitting machine. Provides optimum lubrication & is completely scour-able.
Spinlube TC 31 Provides excellent lubrication, reduces wear & provides good corrosion protection to long collar spindles
Synthetic Spindle Oil TC 32 Lubricant for spindles in ring frames to provide a long life and very low friction . It is recommended for the use in spindle bolsters of all types of ring frames, TFO twisters
Liquid MoS2 Suspension TC 34 Exhibits superior lubricating, anti friction & anti wear properties Lubricant for sliding surfaces, gears, rack & pinion & shafts.
Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser TC 35 Cleaner to remove oil & greases from the equipments, metal parts & shop floor.
Cleaner Fluid TC 50 Cleaning & de-greasing of metal surfaces, bearings, guide ways
Mould Release Fluid TC 52 Release agent for rubber & plastic moulds. It can be used as general lubricant and anti spatter fluid
High Speed Lube TC 53 Synthetic lubricant for roller bearings operating at very high speeds, synchronous motor & gears of sophisticated equipments
Clean Wash TC 54 A water miscible blanket & roller wash in printing industry. Effective in removing ink from machine parts
Adhesive Chain Lube TC 55 Highly adhesive chain lubricant for industrial applications with good penetration & load carrying properties.
Food Grade Lube TC 57 Lubrication of chains, cutting knives & other equipments in food, brewery & beverage industry.
High Temperature Chain Fluid TC 58 Synthetic product which provides goods thermal stability and lubricity at elevated temperature & heavy loads with least evaporation loss.
Conformal Coating Fluid TC 60 Fast drying acrylic resin based product for the protection of printed circuit boards and other electrical equipments. It meets MIL - I - 46058C & RoHS requirements.
Anti Corrosion Thixotropic Coating TC 64 Protection of finely machined metal surfaces such as tools, dies, moulds, spares and machines.
Chain Protector Fluid TC 65 Highly adhesive and tacky chain lubricant for industrial applications with good penetration properties.
Synthetic Gear Fluid TC 67 Highly effective gear oil based on synthetic fluids available in different viscosities
Corrosion Protection Fluid TC 68 A dry coating for the protection of metal components.
Anti Spatter Fluid TC 69 Water miscible product used to prevent adhesion of unwanted spatter to the torch or substrate generated in welding processes especially by CO2, TIG & MIG.
Synthetic EP Oil TC 312 Highly effective, high temperature EP gear oil based on synthetic fluids.